Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rules and Regs

A few important points:
Applications must be submitted no later than May 1 2011, 12 am SLT. Applications received after this date will not be considered for this year but being that I'm planning on doing this every year, it will be set aside in case of openings and for next year.
This hunt is Super Hero themed, so keep that in mind. Let your imagination go to town. Superman Green Arrow Spider-man Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Watchmen, WHATEVER!!! I'm sure you get the idea.
We strive for quality items, no freebies please. Give out the same caliber item you’d want to receive.  The goal is for hunters to love your stuff and want to come back again.
Being that this is a 1st run at this idea I'd appreciate ALL Venders to have a hint for your item. Whilst I understand not wanting to give away your prize and you would like them to browse thru your store nothing is more off-putting then a item with no hint or an undecipherable one. If you can't come up with one IM the owners of hunt (Kalel, Conner or Luma) and we will get one for you
This is an important part… we have both male and female hunters so try to have either a neutral one or one for each sex.
Your hunt item should be out by 12:00 pm SLT May 29th for a final walk through to ensure all LM’s and hunt items work correctly. This is very important.

Now… for some not so shiny happy tidbits:
I am going to do a final walk through for your hunt items.   I WILL NOT chase you down.  We are all adults here and I shouldn’t have to hound you to do the things required for the hunt YOU signed up for.
By the same token, if you think you’ve missed something or haven’t heard anything about the hunt.  CHECK INTO IT..  You can IM Kalel Zemenis, Conner Bolissima, LumaLynai Galaxy or at the very least contact Kyle Swansen, he is the Officer of this group
If your information changes, or your store moves, or you have to leave the hunt for some reason, please let me know this information as well. Don’t make me harass you.
If you can’t do these things after a reasonable amount of time, I will simply drop your store from the lineup. It’s a waste of my time and if I have 100 vendors to keep track of, it’s just not going to happen.
I’m not a mean person, I’m just busy, and refuse be at everybody’s beck and call. I have a life too both first and second and I’d like to enjoy them.  I totally get sometimes you have questions or need an answer that the vendor can’t give you, if that happens come to me, I really am nice.. Honest!

BTW I am as of writing this note card having commissioned a Super Powers suit of Armor only available for those that finish the hunt. So if you are out of ideas maybe something to go with the armor? IM Me for picture of regular suit


Please copy and paste the following information into a -NEW- note card.
Rename the new note card as Super Hero Hunt – Your Name
Super Hero Hunt

Applicant Full SL Name:
Additional Contact Name (manager or other):
Store Name:
Store Landmark (please drag LM and put it here):
Store SLURL:
Type of Store (products you sell):
Store Blog/Website (if any):
What is your prize? (if decided):(add a picture if available)
Incomplete applications or those received after the deadline has passed will NOT be accepted.
Send your completed application to Kalel Zemenis
Thank you

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome To The Gridwide Superhero Hunt

Image Credit: JLA Cover, Dc Comics Poster Design: BellaRenee Sweetwater

Welcome to the Superhero Hunt
List of vendors and hints coming soon