Friday, May 20, 2011

Official Lineup

                                Store List

1. Kalel and Conners Heroic Furnishings
Have a Seat

2. Clobbers 
Don't take a fall, Give Batman a call

3. Darkfold Designs
Where do you find superheroes? Why Movies & Comics of course.

4. Clarity Creations
Reviews do not go blue plaid jacket:)

5. The Mad Hattery 
 "In brightest day... in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight! Let those who worship evil's might beware my power--Green Lantern's light!"

6. DragonForge
Subscribe to a better way to shop

7. Kinky Kat Designs (Adult SIM) 
Between the spray and place to play.

8. Club Epic  (Adult SIM) 
Sit and Have a Drink

9. ~Lantian~ (Adult SIM)
Click the Hint Crate near the entrance for your hint

10.  The Beard
Whats that in the sky!?!?

11. "hue are you?"
Some superheroes sew their own super costumes.

12. Shadow Moon
Superheroes might need help with their spandex to use one of these

12.75 Cupcake Clothing
S is for Sprinkles

14. SJP Textures
My Superpower is telling fortunes

15. FlufferNutterz
 Its Electrifying

16. ~~Jules Creations~~  
mini-dresses may be on the look good ..))

17. Fierce Designs
A Vigilante Foursome

18. ~Simply~
See In-store Hint Giver

19. Biker Hardcore
Its sunk down like the western sun

20. + ezura + 
Strike a lonely pose and look towards three others

21. AdelleArts Manor Fashions
WHO Would find it easy

22. Cryptid Creations
Locked Up tightly

23.  Souled Out 
The writing is on the wall

24. *diavolicious*
No Hint needed Item is in Plain sight

25. Xclusives Animations   (Adult SIM)
Being a super hero can be a very exciting life, so pull up a chair and you might hear your name on PCB RADIO.

26 Blarney's Mix & Match
 I'm big, I'm huge, I am the protector of this shop!

27. KittyCat's Creations
Check Hint Giver at Store

28. 22769 ~ casual couture 
slap hintgiver on the eventswall (where all the huntposters are) for current hint since we rehide our gifts often.

29.  Niekra's Dreams 
Follow the sounds of chimes and lights of Fireflies up the stairs, to a place of calming waters and rest.

30.  Battle Angel
 each hero needs weapons

31.  EB Rooms Home Furnishings
its a bird, its a plane, itssssssss

32. GUHL  (Adult SIM)
Have a look at the floor ... it s inside the store area

33. [Rokshop] 
On the turning away

34.  Touch it!
 "Search the Animal"

35. Be Happy!
Hereos can be so colorful

36. enLightened
A roll of the dice

37. Crazy Cakes Toybox
I C you

38. HerBerry
heros can fly up to the stars, look for me in My Stars..

39. Purple Poses
Behind a red curtain you can find a villain

Now showing

41. Dust Bunnies
This Super Hero is just a little bit confused.

42. Kabuki Creations
Phewwww after a day of fighting crimes ...i need to rest my rest my foot (ground floor)

43. Raven's Heart at Lucid Dreams
 Superheroes rarely use the stairs

44. Amulet
Ask a Druid

45. Dark Vision
I am helping this girl put herself back together again

46, Black Cat Bones
You'll Find Your Prize On Our All-American Red White & Blue Girl

47 Lesbian Audio Extacy
hope the light dont give me away

48. Serenity Tattoos  (DCS@ RP SIM)
(second Floor)
up up and away you will find me flying by.

49.  bees heaven shop
Do you think bees are afraid of water?"

50. BS & ND designs
Up in the heavens i shall reign 

51.  JE Club Equipment
 Are you feeling lucky?

52. Candy Crunchers
take a walk up and up til you find it near a cup.

53. irrISIStible shop
look ...... the alice cheshire cat is really pervert !

54. Condemned designs
only the LUCKY will find this.... But youll have to look high or this item youll miss

55. Sonic Death Monkey
nderuay the tairsay as the pigs say

56. Devilishly Deviant Designs
Nice Tattoo...hope the Devil isnt the jealous type!

57. BRAT Animations
Domo-kun is holding it hostage!

58. Skye Inc
This super prize needs rescuing, it's trapped in a corner!

59. Icarus Home and Media

60. Xenian Furniture
Do you think Superman likes daisies?

61. Needful Necessities
Hint will be in the in - store Hint notecard giver once the hunt item is hidden
Wow! You must have to be some sort of .. spider.. man.. to get up here!! 

62.  Kastle Rock Couture
See the hint giver on the left side wall beside the hunt signs before you enter the store. (Will be moved frequently)

63. AAA Poses
Look for the Megafatpack sign

And if We get hints from the following stores before the 1st I will re-add starting with #64
<<<Super-Stuff>>> : SuperKara Kline    
Power Corps : Abbi Sorbet                        
 Sunnie's Junk : SunnieRiot Catnap                
 Beldimi Gestures : Dimitra Martian      
 Infinity Creations : Spicy Braveheart  
 Atooly : rockstarroo Gossipgirl

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  1. I cant start the hunt. I dont find the start point!